Showtime Coat Oil

HSE Showtime Coat Oil is a water dispersible blend of premium natural oils and specialty cosmetic polymers that give the horse’s coat incredible show ready shine. This oil is a concentrate and is mixed with warm or cool water to be used as a pre-show rinse or shine spray. It allows complete flexibility for the user to tailor the perfect added gloss to every type of coat and for every season.

Coat Oil is an excellent pre & post shampoo finishing rinse, laying the hair flat and smooth against the skin.  It can also be used for the ‘wet look’ show shine.

  • Enhance shine & softness
  • Improve quality of hair
  • Increase depth of colour
  • Revive dull, dry hair instantly
  • Non-occlusive
  • Locks in moisture & seals the hair
  • Restore the skins natural lipid barrier after shampooing
  • Non-dust attracting
  • Versatile & economical
  • Gentle & non-irritant
  • Lifts dirt & dander from the skin

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size: 125 ml