We are located in the township of Murrumbateman in NSW @ 113 McIntosh Circuit

We service the Yass Valley and Canberra regions

No. You can drop off your items for repair at any one of our drop off/pick up locations

Most importantly fill in the online Service Request Form.? Make sure your rugs are clean enough to repair (unless we are washing them for you), put them in chaff or garbage bags, and attach the form securely to the outside of the bag.


Yass NSW || Trader & Co. – 92 Meehan St

Hall ACT || Canberra Rural Stock Feeds -?1 Gladstone St

Fyshwick ACT || Bellchambers Produce -?6 Yallourn St

Whilst you’re there be sure to support their business??

Yes, they do. Dirty rugs drop dirt into the mechanics of the sewing machine, causing damage. And it’s never nice to open a rug and have manure fall out everywhere. Give them a brush off with a broom, or a hose down or we can wash them for you before they are repaired.

Yes! We repair all types of canvas produces including tents, torno covers, dog rugs and much more...

This will vary of course, but most rug repairs cost between $15 and $40.

Often when we get a new rug, the straps are too long, which is one of the main causes of rips. Make sure all straps are short enough to not get caught in anything, but still allow your horse to move.

Sometimes you may wonder if it is worth repairing your rug. One or two large rips may look bad, but can be fairly easy to repair. Take into account the cost to replace your rug, how strong the fabric is and whether the straps and clips are still good.