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Round Bale Hay Nets - Soft Knotless 5' x 4'

Finally - a round bale hay net with soft knotless mesh! These nets are soft on your horse's mouth, but stronger than the regular knotted hay nets.

Slow feeding is beneficial for any equine’s prone to laminitis, founder, insulin resistance, choke or ulcers. Using a slow feed hay net will also mean considerably less wastage of hay.

To use the hay net it is easiest to unwrap all but the last layer of the plastic or mesh holding your bale together, then slowly pull the net down over the bale, removing the last layer of plastic as you go. Do NOT leave the plastic or mesh coating on the bale under the net. You can then pull the drawstring tight and tie it off so that horses can not get caught in it, or turn the bale over and tie the drawstring to a tree or building.

Note: These are suitable for unshod horses only. If you have horses with shoes you will need to place the net in an enclosure or surround it with rubber or similar to prevent horse's shoes getting caught in the netting.

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Hole size: 4cm