Rambo Optimo Liner 200g

Incorporating the unique patented Optimo Split design, this liner is compatible with the Rambo Optimo Turnout. Using a simple, easy system, Horseware liners clip into your outer rug at 4 points, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear to give you additional superior insulation without needing two rugs. This reduces the weight or drag on your horse when wearing rugs.

Incorporates Anti-Static and Anti-Bacterial polyester lining, 200g thermobonded fibrefill and the unique Optimo Split to fit nicely under your Rambo Optimo Turnout, this is your ideal way to manage your horse and rug for several seasons.

Interchange liners as needed for washing and/or weather changes.
Easily washed in domestic machines.

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Rug size: 5'9