Rambo Micklem Breastplate 3 Point

Our 3-point elasticated breastplate is ergonomically designed for comfort and safety when jumping. 3-point breast plates have shown to give better freedom of movement than a 5-point breastplate whilst jumping.

  • Maximum adjustment possibilities on the sides of the neck, underbelly and detachable martingale attachment 
  • Extra removable safety strap that clips across the withers  
  • Top clips attach to d-rings of the saddle, optional attachments for the stirrup bars are included giving you a safer, more secure attachment point without damaging the saddle  

PonyD-ring to centre of chest = 68cm, Centre of chest to girth = 62cm
CobD-ring to centre of chest = 72cm, Centre of chest to girth = 70cm  
FullD-ring to centre of chest = 74cm, Centre of chest to girth = 72cm  
X-FullD-ring to centre of chest = 83cm, Centre of chest to girth = 78cm 
The D-ring to centre of chest has approximately 15cm adjustment and centre of chest to girth has approximately 10cm adjustment

Color: Black
Size: Cob