Rambo Airmax Cooler Disc Front

Combining two fabulous features! Our fantastic Airmax material and our award winning Disc Front closure! The new Rambo Airmax Cooler looks and performs like you would expect a top of the range cooler rug.

The unique Airmesh construction lifts the inner and outer fabric, creating tiny air pockets throughout. ?This allows excellent wicking of sweat or moisture from the horse's coat, while keeping them comfortable and preventing a chill. It has the added advantage of helping maintain a cool temperature when travelling in hot weather, removing sweat before the horse becomes stressed or overheated.

Features include:
  • The Disc front closure - ensuring a lightweight and super comfortable fit on the chest
  • Detachable surcingles
  • Fillet string
  • Front leg arch for improved fit
  • Smooth airmesh shoulder lining

Available in Black with tan/orange trim, sizes 5'6 to 6'9

Rug size: 5'9