Nungar Knots Premium Rope Halter

The Nungar Knots Premium Rope Halter is the halter of choice for horse trainers and owners. The headstall is constructed from a high quality double braided polyester yachting rope and comes in both 6mm and 8mm diameter rope.

All headstalls are designed with loops below the jaw for easy attachment of a lead rope of your choice. Creating these loops is the all important fiador knot which is mechanically tightened on all genuine Nungar Knots headstalls. This tightening process greatly reduces the risk of the fiador knot becoming loose.

Rope headstalls are light weight but very strong. Nungar Knots unique placement of the nose knots and the softness of the rope allow excellent communication between the trainer and the horse.

Real live horses and old style saddler measurements have been used in setting headstall sizes to ensure the correct fit for each horse. The full size is big to fit a true full size horse.

Match with a Nungar Knots short lead, training lead, long lineflat reins or rope reins. Please contact us for custom sizes.

We have many of these products in stock, however, we sometimes have them made to order and sent direct from the producer. Please allow a few extra days for this when ordering.

Size: Pony
Diameter: 6mm
Color: Black
Pink and Purple
Blue and Cream
Blue and Red
Black and Red
Black and Blue
White and Blue