Kohnke's Own Cell Perform

For All Competitive Horses

Cell-Perform contributes bone minerals and trace-minerals, many in organic or chelated form, including additional organic selenium, chromium and iron, as well as a full range of stability protected vitamins, which have essential roles in metabolic function during exercise.
Each Supplet® pellet in the 5 Supplet® blend contains only compatible nutrient groups to help maintain optimum potency and benefit, eliminating sift-out, dust and sludging in the feed, or blow away from outdoor feed tubs, which is a problem with powders and liquids.

Cell-Perform helps make up the shortfalls of essential nutrients in diets based on grains, hay and pasture to support optimum health, vitality, performance and recovery from training and competition.

Pack Sizes:
  • 1.4kg
  • 4.0kg
  • 10kg

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Weight: 10 kg