Freespace Long Girth

The Free Space Girth will get your horse moving more freely!
The massive success of this girth has changed the lives of many horses, allowing them to move more freely and comfortably.

This new girth design has a cushioned sternum plate which makes the girth straps sit away from the pectoral muscles. This gives the horse unrestricted movement of the Rectus Abdominus and Ascending Pectoral muscles, freeing them to move more easily.

The girth is made from of vegan leather (that you will have to look hard to notice the difference). It is easy to clean and will look great even after years of use. It comes in black and brown.

The girths straps can be the same or different lengths dependant on your horses and your requirements and can easily be changed. Please add a note to your order or contact us if you require different girth strap lengths.

The Free Space Long girth has sleeves included, which have been designed to help stop pinching.

The sternum plate comes in two widths:

  • Standard (19cm at the widest point)
  • Slim (12.5cm at the widest point). This is for horses that are narrower between the front legs.

Girth straps come in lengths from 36" to 56"

Like all WOW™ products modularity is key and the different buckle guards, straps, and girth sleeves can all be purchased separately.

Note:  These girths are made to order, so please allow for this. If all components are in stock it will be posted within 2-3 days. Otherwise, we will fulfill your order as fast as possible.


Colour: Black
Sternum Plate Width: Narrow
Girth Strap Length: 36