Equivizor Solar Veil with Nose

The best fly mask you'll ever use - the solar veil stays completely away from your horse's eyes, has great visibility and 100% UV eye protection. More comfortable and easier to see through than a traditional fly veil.

Veterinarian Ophthalmologist Used and Recommended!

Hi vision mesh: The mesh material used is specifically made with a black internal thread that has a PVC black coating and has a tighter weave.  This does not affect the horses vision and due to the tight weave offers the horse more UV protection than conventional fly veils. 

Sun shield: The Solar Veil has an EVA gusset sewn above the eye line designed to block direct heat onto the horse's forehead and is strategically located to perform its function as a Solar Block without hindering the horse's vision.

Nose flap: The nose flap is designed in a way that once the mask is fitted and the Velcro is secured, it allows the Nose flap to be slightly arched thereby minimizing any rubbing but still offering full 95% UV protection from the harmful heat and sun.

Quick Release Clip: the veil has two adjustable straps (one over the poll behind the ears and one under the throat) along with a Velcro strap under the chin. This not only creates greater size adjustability to help fit your horse better but also helps to prevent your horse from removing their mask. Safety is also built-in as these are break-away clips should an emergency happen.

Australian Made!!

size: Mini