EQ3 Pardus Helmet Smooth Sand

The EQ3 Pardus is the latest cap in the collection of Back on Track with an elegant look. The cap has a good ventilation and a removable lining. This washable lining is made of Coolmax® which cools down a few degrees when it comes in contact with perspiration. Furthermore, the helmet can be closed with a 3-point adjustable chin strap.

Like all Back on Track helmets, the Pardus is equipped with the MIPS safety system, This helmet won Folksam's Best in test 2018. The MIPS Brain Protection System significantly increases safety against brain damage. The MIPS system mimics the security system that already exists in the human head. When the head is subjected to a skewed stroke, the brain can move in the cerebrospinal fluid, which reduces the violence to which the brain is subjected during a skewed stroke. The MIPS system is the yellow moving shell you see inside all Back on Track helmets.

NOTE: this helmet will only fit if you have an oval shaped head.

Back on Track advises to buy the helmet one size bigger than normal.

Approved according to safety standard CE VG1 01.040 2014-12 and EN1384.2017.

Due to safety and hygiene regulations helmets can not be returned.

Size: 56-58
Colour: Navy