Duncan Equine No Tip Feeder

Do you have a horse who tips their feed out, or plays with their feed bucket like it's a toy?  It's so frustrating, because that feed and those supplements are expensive!

The No Tip Feeder is the answer to your problems. This strong and sturdy feeder is almost impossible for your horse to tip over or pick up. They are deeper than other feed bins on the market so it's harder for them to push it out of the feeder. Less wasted feed means that it will pay for itself in no time.

A large flat feeder also allows you to spread the food out more to reduce the risk of choke.  


  • 94cm  x 94cm  x 27cm high
  • 52L Capacity
  • Made of high molecular weight polyethylene.
  • Australian Made

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP IN STORE Contact us to pre-order if we are out of stock.