Dr Show Muscle Horse & Rider

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The Dr Show Muscle Horse and Rider is a natural oil spray with a magnetic massage glove, designed to help prepare your horse for exercise and assist in recovery of muscles after exercise. The system can be used on both horse and rider to help with muscle soreness and stifness.

The spray contains:

Magnesium - to help muscles relax, speed up recovery time, allow for restful sleep, and help bones absorb calcium.

MSM - as an anti-inflammatory to decrease joint pain, alleviate arthritis, speed recover, boost immunity and energy

ARNICA - to reduce inflammatory pain and swelling, boost circulation and speed up healing.

EUCALYPTUS - to support the respiratory system and soothe discomfort and deter insects.

FRANKINCENSE - to reduce anxiety, boost immunity and as an antibacterial, antiviral.

ROSEMARY - to relieve pain, deter insects, as an antioxidant, reduce anxiety, increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate hair growth

PEPPERMINT - to reduce pain, headaches, muscle aches, inflammation, enhance focus and eliminate harmful bacteria.69.50

Size: Muscle Spray 750ml