Digestive VM

Correct vitamin, mineral and amino acid nutrition is essential for your horse to achieve optimal health. To meet these needs, we have created Digestive VM, the ultimate vitamin, mineral, and amino supplement. With ingredients such as organic selenium and chromium, natural vitamin E, plus essential amino acids like lysine and threonine, Digestive VM is platinum standard. With added digestive support, Digestive VM also contains glutamine and a yeast derived prebiotic. Being free from sugars, grains and molasses, Digestive VM is for next level health.

Why should I use Digestive VM over other supplements?

Digestive VM is formulated to fill the nutrient gaps in most common forage and unfortified diets, meaning you'll only need one supplement to meet your horse's daily nutrient requirements for trace minerals and vitamins. It contains the additional benefit of supplying essential amino acids to build top line, strong hooves and promote gut integrity. Plus it supplies a powerful prebiotic to support a healthy hindgut environment which promotes optimal fibre fermentation to supply your horse with a cool source of energy and production of vitamins including b-group vitamins for calm behaviour.

What is in Digestive VM?

Digestive VM is a comprehensive vitamin, trace mineral and amino acid supplement. It contains the macro minerals Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium as well as trace minerals Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Iodine and Chromium. A complex vitamin premix including Vitamin E, plus amino acids Threonine, Lysine and Glutamine.

The yeast derived prebiotic supports the good bacteria in your horse's hindgut, making fibre digestion more efficient and keeping the good bacteria happy to support overall health. It provides vitamins and minerals in their most bio-available form, including natural Vitamin E, organic selenium and organic chromium.

It does not contain grain, grain by-products or molasses, making it a good option for horses prone to laminitis, diagnosed with PPID (cushings) or PSSM and overweight horses on an energy restricted diet.

Can both Digestive VM & Digestive EQ be included in my horse's diet?

Yes! Digestive VM has been formulated to compliment the use of Digestive EQ, or be used on its own if your horse doesn't require Digestive EQ. The combination of the two products aim to promote overall health by supporting gut health and providing essential minerals and vitamins required by your horse.

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