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Tubbease Hoof Sock


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The Tubbease Equine Hoof Sock is the ultimate solution to a variety of common hoof ailments including laminitis, abscess, seedy toe, thrush, think soles, and damaged or bruised hooves.

The PVC-moulded sock allows a variety of treatments, poultices or bandages to be applied with the hoof, or liquid treatment* to simply be poured in or over the whole sock once it is on the hoof. The ‘breathability’ of the sock allows the liquid to enter and soak the hoof, but then also to drain and dry out. It can also be used over hoof wraps and dressings for additional protection and cleanliness in wet or muddy conditions. The Sole Insert (sold separately) adds an additional layer of comfort for sensitive soles and will relieve pain and extend the life of the Hoof Sock.

How to measure for Tubbease:
Simply measure the widest diameter of your horse’s hoof sole (this might be length or width depending on which is longer) and select one of the Tubbease sizes. The Tubbease dimensions shown  indicate the maximum internal diameter of the Tubbease cup not the diameter of the hoof.

Tubbease can also be fitted over horseshoes.

110mm (Pink), 140mm (Red), 155mm (Blue), 165mm (Orange), 175mm (Yellow)

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Boot Size

75mm (Purple), 110mm (Pink), 140mm (Red), 155mm (Blue), 165mm (Orange), 175mm (Yellow)


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