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2% Biotin: 1 gram = 20 mg biotin

Balanced Equine 2% Biotin is a premium grade concentrated biotin, 20000 mg/kg.

Check the levels of biotin in other products, this product is far more concentrated and will be far more economical. Price has gone up recently due to the significant increase in the price of Biotin, more than doubled since Covid-19.

Recommended feeding rate is between 10 to 20 mg biotin per day.
½ level teaspoon holds approximately 1.6 grams but will depend on how packed in the spoon, best to weigh.

Biotin: Has a role in general metabolism and in maintaining integrity of skin, hair and hooves.

Biotin assists chemical reactions in the body including synthesis of protein for keratin formation. Biotin and the rest of the B vitamins are manufactured by gut microorganisms and can come from the diet in the form of fresh grass. There are a number of studies that show that biotin can improve hoof quality but other studies found no change at all with biotin supplementation. Biotin only helps if there is a deficiency to start with. For horses that are mainly on pasture, it’s less likely for a deficiency to exist and even more so if the horse is also fed biotin sources like grains, brans and seed meals. However if the diet contains a lot of grain, biotin is more likely to be deficient as high grain diets in cattle have been shown to increase the acidity in the rumen, decreasing the activity of bacteria that synthesise biotin. This may well occur in horses.

Biotin (a water soluble B vitamin) has been shown to have a beneficial effect on insulin signalling by moving glucose from the bloodstream into cells without raising insulin levels.

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