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Even the highest quality rugs can get ripped in the paddock. And let’s face it, some horses are just rougher on their rugs than others. A good quality rug is well worth repairing, and it’s best to get a rug repaired before it gets caught on something and rips further, or worse still, causes your horse to be injured. Stitches in your rug are definitely cheaper than stitches in your horse.

I sew high quality and prompt repairs on all rugs from light summer mesh and cottons, through to synthetic waterproof rugs, doonas, and heavy lined canvas. I use all new fabrics and a heavy grade industrial thread, so the repairs are as strong as the rug was originally – if not stronger.

I also repair dog rugs, chaps, safety vests, horse boots, fly masks, hay bags, shade sails, caravan annexes, awnings, tennis nets, tarpaulins, camping chairs etc.

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