Rambo Flymask plus Vamoose

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Features include:
  • Improved design to protect the eye area whilst ensuring an excellent fit
  • Eye guard to help prevent the mask rubbing the eye area and to allow the mask maintain its shape
  • Soft comfortable Vamoose treated fleece to deter fly entry under the mask
  • Detachable Nose cover to shade the horse from harmful UV rays & help deter flies from irritating this sensitive area. Especially useful for lighter coloured noses that are sensitive to sunburn
  • Large fitting soft ears
  • Extremely durable material

"This is the best fly mask I have used, we have a heavy insect and fly burden, and this mask has made a huge difference. It fits snuggly so that flies don't get under the mask, and the fleece also helps to stop rub marks on his face. The support over the eyes stops the mask from buckling inwards and rubbing his eyes. He went from having swollen, mucky eyes to clear, healthy eyes with no flies hanging around him." Ally

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size: Mini