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Kohnke’s Own Formex


Helps Maintain the Normal Digestive Membranes in All Horses
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Formex works to support the health and integrity of the small and large intestine (hindgut) in horses, and is particularly beneficial for horses with suspected hindgut lining injury including worm burdens, sand accumulation, use of anti-inflammatories such as ‘bute’, or long-term scours or smelly manure.

Damage to the intestinal mucosal lining can result in poor digestive function, often common in horses with high intakes of succulent green pasture as well as many hard feed and hay diets.

Long-term ‘loose’ manure is a key indicator and can significantly compromise health and vitality, especially in young and aged horses and ponies.

Formex can be combined with Kohnke’s Own  FABBY®, especially in cases of long term or persistent diarrhoea or when a highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic supplement is needed for optimum health and vitality.

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