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GT Performer Elite 1kg Concentrate


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GT Performer Elite

GT Performer Elite uses our proclaimed GT Performer as a base and adds essential amino acids. These amino acids are basic building blocks for protein, which is used in a majority of the horse’s vital processes.

Different combinations of Amino acids form different proteins needed for different uses within the horse. They can be used for everything from muscle repair, tissue repair, improved energy to general body functions.

Amino acids are available to horses in their feed or the body has the ability to make them.

For a horse to make the proteins it needs, the proteins in the feed must be broken down to get the amino acids and use them where needed. By feeding Amino Acids, we are ultimately speeding up the process for the horse to use these amino acids where they are required which can mean quicker recoveries and healing from strenuous exercise or even injury.

With added Amino Acids, GT Performer Elite is designed for high level performance horses needing the extra nutritional help to perform at higher levels of competition.

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