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GT Performer 10kg


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GT Performer is fast becoming the most talked about feed supplement available. Developed by trusted veterinarian Dr Geoffrey Tyre, it is a non-swabbable, highly palatable, totally natural pre-biotic and pro-biotic designed to increase the good bacteria in the gut.?
Serious horse professionals are choosing GT Performer for their horse’s digestive needs and overall well-being.

Due to the size and weight of the bucket, it is only available for local pick-up. The 1kg concentrate is the same product in a concentrated form and can be shipped.

How it works:

GT Performer Prebiotic and Probiotic formulation works by getting straight to the digestive system and helping to rebuild the mucosal lining & beneficial gut flora. At the same time, the prebiotic is designed to strip out the unnecessary bad bacteria whilst encouraging gut balance.?Lactic acid bacteria are often associated with laminitis, colic and tying up. Prebiotics trap and remove acid producing bacteria from the gut.

Horses appear happier and healthier and the results on the outside are unable to be ignored: glossy coats, improved attitude to work, stimulated appetites, improved top-line and strengthened hoof growth.

Every horse and every body system within the horse can benefit from GT Performer.
For $1.85 per day (based on a dose of one cup per day), GT Performer can help to achieve the following

Better feed conversion
Better nutrient uptake
Better Concentration
Better Attitude
More free flowing movement
Better focus and trainability
Better gut function
Better coat and hooves
Better appetite

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