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Rug Repairs

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Repairing Rugs

Did you know that damaged and un-repaired rugs can be dangerous?

Torn material and dangling webbing can get caught around your horse’s legs or fencing which can cause serious injury to your animal. Ensuring your rugs are in good condition is much cheaper than a vet bill!

The Horse Rug Whisperer offers a complete Rug Repair service.

In addition to repairs, The Horse Rug Whisperer offers a Rug Washing and Reproofing Service. We use specifically designed, quality products to ensure your rugs stay in top shape. Simply select the option on the Online Service Request Form to Wash and Reproof your horse rug. It’s an investment worth making.

Can’t make it to us? Don’t worry! Complete a Service Request Form, print off the completed form and include it with your items when you take them to one of our many drop-off partners.